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Next Payments ATM Success Case Study

Next Payments provides competitive contract terms, and excellent service, which resulted in ATM income far exceeding our previous supplier. I recommend any small business owners looking for a non-bank ATM supplier talk to Next Payments.

Roy Russell | Business Owner | Advance Stationers


Advance Stationers is an office supply store located on High Street, Melton, Victoria. In 2020, the new owner acquired the business, which had a bank Through-the-Wall ATM located at the store front.
With the bank’s ATM Agreement due to expire, the owner was considering independent ATM suppliers who would provide better contractual terms and return on investment.

The Right Solution

After working with Advance Stationers to understand the owner’s concerns and apprehensions, Next Payments recommended its Premium ATM on a standard rebate structure, where the owner would earn income from the ATM based on the transaction levels each month, as opposed to a set monthly amount offered by the existing bank supplier.

The Premium ATMs dispense notes quickly, are easy to use, allow for onscreen advertising, feature new and reliable technology, and are supported by an Australian based 24/7 Support Team and technicians. There is also a portal login that shows ATM journal data, terminal status and more.


Next Payments’ Premium ATM has delivered results which far exceed Advance Stationers’ previous ATM supplier, increasing their ATM income by more than 300%. In addition, Next Payments provided an ATM uptime average of 99.5% in Q1 2021.

Advance Stationers’ dedicated Account Manager ensured that the installation was smooth and signage was provided to ensure maximum ATM visibility. ATM usage has been high as customers are finding the ATM fast and easy to use and enjoy the reliability and high uptimes.

Why Next Payments

Next Payments is a leader in the payments and technology sector and pride themselves on delivering exceptional user experiences that bring efficiencies and improve security and reconciliation. The company’s product portfolio offers payments hardware and software solutions tailored for the hospitality and gaming market.

Next Payments is AML compliant and ISO 9001 accredited. Next Payments has offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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Next Payments have increased my ATM income by over 300%. Their 24/7 Support Team and trained technicians are professional and responsive, resulting in maximum ATM uptime and reliable access to cash.

Roy Russell - Business Owner | Advance Stationers