Lions @ Springwood

A Next Payments Cash Management Solutions Case Study

Next Payments’ Cash Recycler has saved hours in manual cash management and reconciliation, improved cash security and reduced human error. The unit has increased our managers’ productivity and allows them more time on the floor increasing revenue.

Paul Stansfield | Operations Manager | Lions @ Springwood



Lions @ Springwood was looking to improve efficiency, productivity and security during their daily cash clearance and reconciliation process while realising a return on investment from their cash management products.


Next Payments consulted with Lions @ Springwood and recommended the venue invest in Next Payments’ Cash Recycler and Concilio reconciliation software and offset the costs of the equipment with income from their Next Payments ATMs.


Next Payments’ Cash Recyclers and Concilio software have provided significant time savings and improvements in cash management and reconciliation at Lions @ Springwood. Staff are saving up to 70 hours per week in cash handling and staff supervision. The ATMs’ uptime is over 99.5% and the revenue from the ATMs are offsetting the cost of other Next Payments equipment.


Lions @ Springwood is the official social club of the Brisbane Lions, comprising of bar and dining facilities, live entertainment, function rooms and a premier gaming lounge with 200 gaming machines. Regarded as one of the best venues in Queensland, Lions @ Springwood serves over 360,000 patrons per year and has over 80 staff. Lions @ Springwood strives to provide an unrivaled hospitality experience and the best facilities to their members and guests.

As a club constantly focussed on innovation, Lions @ Springwood was in the market for a new cash management solution provider, offering opportunities to realise efficiencies in management, increase staff productivity and improve cash transparency and oversight.

The Right Solution

After working with Lions @ Springwood to understand management’s objectives, Next Payments recommended its market-leading Cash Recycler, and Concilio reconciliation software, and advised Lions @ Springwood that they could offset costs of the new equipment with the revenue they receive from their Next Payments ATMs.

The Cash Recycler automates sorting, counting, and storing up to 16,000 notes and 15,000 coins in one secure and easy to use unit. Counting $100,000 in 4.5 minutes, the Cash Recycler increases efficiency, accuracy, and security during daily clearance and reconciliation, and improves general cash management processes.

Concilio POS Integration works seamlessly with Next Payments’ Cash Recycler to reconcile and report on variances in real-time. Concilio validates clearances with data from the Cash Recycler, POS, EGMs, CRTs, ATMs and more.

“The Cash Recycler is saving up to 70 hours per week in manual cash management across our whole operation, which equates to up to $2,100 per week in labour savings. We can easily just have one manager doing the open now instead of having two.”
Paul Stansfield, Operations Manager
Lions @ Springwood

The premium ATMs dispense notes quickly, are reliable and easy to use, and allow for onscreen advertising. Serviced regularly by local technicians and supported by a 24/7 Support Team, the ATMs have an average uptime of 99.5%.

Using one provider for cash management presented an opportunity for Lions @ Springwood to streamline communication and supplier relationships. The dedicated Account Manager and expertise of Next Payments’ local Technicians means support is always available.


Next Payments’ Cash Recycler and Concilio reconciliation software have realised significant time savings and improvements in cash management and reconciliation at Lions @ Springwood.

The Cash Recycler increases efficiency during Lions @ Springwood’s daily clearance and reconciliation process. Paul Stansfield, Operations Manager, estimates that the Cash Recycler’s automated cash management processes have saved Lions @ Springwood approximately 70 hours a week in cash management. Individual staff logins, counterfeit note identification and auto float and refloat functions, mean staff can manage their own tills, reducing the need for management intervention. The Cash Recycler also separates cash deposits into Lions @ Springwood’s different departments, which allows managers to analyse and reconcile the earnings of each business revenue centre.

Concilio software integrates with the Cash Recycler and POS system to further streamline the reconciliation process. With Lions @ Springwood’s operational and financial data visible on one clear dashboard, the Finance Team have complete transparency of the venue’s cash and data entry and reporting is simplified.

“Concilio provides transparency of our venue’s cash and it’s all digital and recorded, reducing human error, and increasing efficiency. Complete transparency is a big thing for us. Concilio provides our CFO and Finance Team access to the dashboard so they can easily log in and have view of the venue’s operational and financial data. Having visibility of terminal status and cash levels also adds efficiency to our daily operations.”
Paul Stansfield, Operations Manager
Lions @ Springwood

Why Next Payments

Next Payments is a leader in the payments and technology sector and pride themselves on delivering exceptional user experiences that bring efficiencies and improve security and reconciliation. The company’s product portfolio offers payments hardware and software solutions tailored for the hospitality and gaming market.

Next Payments is AML compliant and ISO 9001 accredited. Next Payments has offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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We have a great relationship with our Next Payments Account Manager and local Technicians who respond efficiently and are available to assist at any hour of the day. Next Payments is also constantly developing and improving existing products. The Concilio Product Manager came up to Queensland to tour the venue and ask what we were looking for and took our feedback onboard to increase efficiency.

Paul Stansfield, Operations Manager Lions @ Springwood