Kurri Kurri Bowling Club

A Next Payments Cash Management Solutions Case Study

Since having a Next Payments Cash Recycler onsite at our venue, we have been saving just over $1,000 in labour costs every week. Plus, the support and service has been exceptional at Next Payments

Peter Fairbairn | CEO | Kurri Kurri Bowling Club

Key highlights


Kurri Kurri Bowling Club was looking for a way to minimise costs, improve cash security and increase efficiencies around their reconciliation and cash management processes.


Next Payments advised Kurri Kurri that our Cash Recycler would be worthy investments for a venue of their size and monthly turnover. Plus, installing a free Next Payments ATM at Kurri Kurri would allow customers to withdraw cash without having to leave the venue, increasing the likelihood of in-venue spend.


The Next Payments Cash Recycler and ATM have streamlined Kurri Kurri’s reconciliation processes and improved cash security at the venue.


Kurri Kurri Bowling Club is a venue at the heart of their local community, with bowls, a restaurant and cafe, gaming, and function spaces for every occasion. With multiple accounts requiring reconciliation each day, Kurri Kurri was looking for a way to minimise costs and improve the way they conduct their end of day procedures. Kurri Kurri was also considering taking up a new ATM contract to ensure their patrons had easy and reliable access to cash in-venue.

The Right Solution

After a consultation with Kurri Kurri Bowling Club, Next Payments advised the venue that investing in a Cash Recycler and ATM would be worthwhile. The Cash Recycler is a high-capacity unit that delivers efficiencies whilst increasing security and reconciliation accuracy, storing cash in a secure safe once counted and sorted. The unit offers quick and auto float dispensing options, improving efficiencies, and removing supervisory staff costs.

Once Kurri Kurri notified Next Payments of their interest in a new ATM contract, Next Payments sent through their proposal and was accepted against its competitors - delivering industry best service, great rebates and fast transaction speeds. Next Payments’ Premium ATMs have a clear interface and transaction flow, allowing customers to withdraw cash easily. Plus, Kurri Kurri was able to gain complimentary access to Next’s Concilio Essentials software that provides data on cash levels, terminal status, transaction history and more, ensuring optimal operation at all times.

In using the same provider for multiple cash management products and processes, Kurri Kurri have also been able to consolidate their cash management servicing needs with Next Payments’ local support team and personal Account Manager.


In having Next Payments’ Cash Recycler and ATM at their venue, Kurri Kurri have seen a number of positive changes throughout their cash management processes.

CEO of Kurri Kurri Bowling Club, Peter Fairbairn, says that since the Cash Recycler was installed at the venue, they have been saving over $1,000 per week on labour costs. The significant reduction in time spent by staff on reconciling their accounts and floating tills will continue to save Kurri Kurri more time and money. The venue is particularly enjoying the auto refloat function that all tills and floats have as they have found this minimises room from human error and cuts down on time spent signifcantly. Peter has also stated that the full audit trail and tiers of access have significantly improved cash security as all transactions are traceable.

The ATM at Kurri Kurri is part of Next Payments’ fleet of over 4,300 ATMs across Australia and New Zealand. Since installing the Next ATM onsite, Kurri Kurri has been enjoying the better rebates that are provided as compared to their previous ATM provider. Additionally, they have reported a notable increase in the quality of customer service they receive from Next Payments.

“The support has been exceptional at Next Payments.”

Why Next Payments

Next Payments is a leader in the payments and technology sector and pride themselves on delivering exceptional user experiences that bring efficiencies and improve security and reconciliation. The company’s product portfolio offers payments hardware and software solutions tailored for the hospitality and gaming market.

Next Payments is AML compliant and ISO 9001 accredited. Next Payments has offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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The support has been exceptional at Next Payments.

Peter Fairbairn | CEO | Kurri Kurri Bowling Club