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Next Payments can improve your financial institution's efficiency and reach via seamless ATM outsourcing and support services.

Premium Products

We offer a range of premium payment and technology solutions, which integrate to deliver maximum efficiencies.

Seamless Outsourcing

We provide efficient and effective ATM outsourcing, whilst maintaining your brand guidelines and improving customer reach.

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We have 16 warehouses, dedicated technicians and an Australian-based Support Team to ensure reliable products and services.

Best In Class Service

Our Support Team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, to deliver customised service.

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Financial Institution Products

Effectively outsource your ATMs and other operations, whilst maintaining your brand guidelines and customer experience. Plus, we offer a sophisticated cash recycler and other solutions that drive efficiencies and optimise business outcomes.

Premium ATMs

Utilise premium ATMs that are fast, efficient and reliable. Customise onscreen and unit branding to suit your brand guidelines, and maintain consistency at all touch points.

Cash Recycler

Automate cash sorting, counting and storing in one secure, easy to use, high capacity unit.

Dee WhyRSL has partnered with Next Payments for several years. Next Payments provide products that are competitive and responsive, supporting the club through its extensive growth.

Sarah Sutherland | Chief Financial Officer

Dee Why RSL

Next Payments manages multiple ATMs for Defence Bank and we are impressed with their service and adherence to our brand guidelines. Outsourcing ATMs via Next Payments has increased our operational efficiencies and reduced expenses while maintaining our customers' access to banking services. We highly recommend Next Payments to other financial institutions.

Chris Dawson | Head of Sales and Service

Defence Bank


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