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Next Payments' products are designed to work together to deliver maximum benefit. Explore our suite of payment and technology solutions that deliver improved visibility across your venue's operational and financial data, plus enjoy the increased return on investment and efficiency that one point of contact offers for all your payment needs.

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Next Payments offers end-to-end cash management solutions, reconciliation software, a loyalty program and business analytics for the Hospitality and Gaming industry.

Hospitality and Gaming Experts

We service clubs, pubs, hotels and casinos of all sizes with customised cash management and data solutions.

Premium Products

We offer a range of premium payment and technology solutions, which integrate to deliver maximum efficiencies.

Skilled Technicians

We have 16 warehouses, dedicated technicians and an Australian-based Support Team to ensure reliable products and services.

Best-In-Class Service

Our Support Team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, to deliver on demand and personalised service.

Case Studies

At Shell Club Corio, we recently made the transition to Next Payments' CRTs, and it has been a game-changer for our operations.

Nathan Warner | General Manager | The Shell Club Corio

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For clubs looking to improve their membership program and loyalty offerings, partner with a proven provider that can deliver a reliable product. We enthusiastically recommend GSL Plus and Next Payments.

Jason Manning | CEO | Pittwater RSL

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Next Payments’ Cash Recycler has saved hours in manual cash management and reconciliation, improved cash security and reduced human error. The unit has increased our managers’ productivity and allows them more time on the floor increasing revenue.

Paul Stansfield | Operations Manager | Lions @ Springwood

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Customer uptake of Next Payments’ Cash Redemption Terminals has been high – they find the units fast and easy to use.

Milan Smolar | Cage and Customer Services Manager

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The Next Payments Cash Recycler and CRTs have increased efficiency, accuracy and security during our daily clearances. The cost of the Cash Recycler has been offset by savings and increased staff productivity. Now our staff can focus more time on customer facing duties, not double handling cash.

Byron Mason | Managing Director | The Dingley Hotel

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The automation of cash management with the Next Payments Cash Recyclers and CRTs saves us time and money, reduces the risk of human error, and improves oversight and reconciliation of Kogarah Clubhouse’s takings.

Grant Amer | General Manager | Kogarah Clubhouse

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The Next Payments CRT allows us to have far more cash on site for those busy days without the risk of cash being stored in cashier draws and unsecured safes.

Dylan Clark | Managing Director | Inverloch Esplanade Hotel

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Since having a Next Payments Cash Recycler onsite at our venue, we have been saving just over $1,000 in labour costs every week. Plus, the support and service has been exceptional at Next Payments

Peter Fairbairn | CEO | Kurri Kurri Bowling Club

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GSL makes the process for loyalty, repeat visitation and flexibility of giving rewards full circle. The GSL product is a key cog in the Club's Loyalty strategy.

Chris Debrincat | Group Gaming Manager | Merrylands RSL Club

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At Zagames Caufield, we have recently made the switch to using Next Payments’ popular CRT Gold. One of the key motives in shifting CRT providers was the unparalleled customer service and security features that Next Payments deliver

Brett Maylin | General Manager | Zagames

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“Using Next Payments' TCR has saved me more than 10 hours weekly in cash handling duties, therefore increasing productivity, accuracy in cash counting, and other labour efficiencies. Our staff can now focus more on front-of-house duties, delivering better customer experiences to our patrons”

George Ramia | Director & General Manager | The Sphinx Hotel

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Hospitality and Gaming Products

We provide a suite of cash management products and technological solutions. These work together to deliver seamless efficiencies, reliability, and security, which allows you to focus on running your business.

Premium ATMs

Utilise premium ATMs that are fast, efficient and reliable. Customise onscreen and unit branding to suit your brand guidelines, and maintain consistency at all touch points.

GSL Loyalty Cards

The GSL Loyalty Card is an enhanced prepaid eftpos, loyalty and promotions management program. It incorporates retail partnerships to maximise value for you and members.


An EFTPOS terminal that does it all, Pago makes accepting payments at your business easy. With a range of customisable features, Pago EFTPOS is perfect for your retail business and helps you to save more. Your customers will enjoy paying via the Pago EFTPOS terminal.


A sophisticated business intelligence tool to better understand your venue on both a big picture and individual level. Harness the power of data today.


Reconciliation software that displays your venue's most critical data on one simple dashboard.

Cash Recycler

Automate cash sorting, counting and storing in one secure, easy to use, high capacity unit.

Cash Xpress

Simplify the cash-out experience and improve efficiency, security and customer satisfaction in your gaming venue.

Cash Redemption Range

Customers will enjoy the clear user interface, quick transactions and reliability.

ATMs for Hospitality

Next Payments offer a suite of ATMs that are the perfect cash-out solution for your hospitality, gaming venue, or casino.

While our ATMs have a small footprint, they have all the features required to bring in extra income to your business while providing cash to your patrons without them needing to leave your venue. The Next Payments TAB Enabled ATM is the quintessential ATM for any gaming venue. Going beyond typical cash withdrawal capabilities, Next Payments’ partnership with TAB means patrons are able to conveniently deposit and withdraw from their TAB account. 

When you install a Next Payments ATM in your venue, you gain access to our 24/7 local support team and free upgrades. This ensures you have access to assistance when required, and that your customers continue to have reliable access to cash at all times - especially for venues who trade around the clock. Plus, you won't have to worry about unexpected EFTPOS outages holding your venue back with an ATM inside your venue for cash payments. 


Cash Recyclers for Hospitality

Next Payments Cash Recycler is the ideal cash management solution for your hospitality business, acting as your on-site bank. With quick and auto till and float dispensing functions, your start of day processes will be more seamless than ever. With a high capacity of 15,000 notes and up to 14,000 coins, Next Payments’ Cash Recycler allows you to have a large amount of cash on site without compromising the security of your venue. The Cash Recycler’s unique user logins mean that every single transaction is traceable, meaning you can finally say goodbye to your ever-present variances and have faith restored in your staff. With the ability to create up to 150 users and accounts, you will be able to manage and view the cash and transaction flow of each till in your venue for easy reconciliation. This means any financial information, operational data and variances can be identified in real-time, allowing you to correct any discrepancies, forecast and plan timely replenishments and more.

When you install a Next Payments Cash Recycler at your venue, you gain access to our 24/7 local support team which ensures you have access to assistance when required, and that your customers continue to have reliable access to cash at all times. Plus, with complimentary software upgrades and continuous improvements to the unit’s cash and data security, all your cash management needs will be met.


EFTPOS terminals for Hospitality

Easy, quick and customisable digital payments are just what your hospitality business needs. Our EFTPOS machines integrate with a range of hospitality specific POS providers like H&L, SwiftPOS, Jenson POS, SenPOS, Starrtec, Order Mate, My Local Eats, Orderbuddy, Abacus and Wisdom POS - ensuring your payments are made quickly and accurately, removing any manual entry errors. Plus, upload your business’ logo on the terminal screen and easily customise your EFTPOS machines features to suit the needs of whichever type of hospitality business you manage; cafe, bakery, restaurant, food truck, venue, casino, bistro, gaming venue and more. You will also gain free access to your own merchant dashboard which reports all your EFTPOS data in real-time.

We know that every hospitality business is different, and that’s why Pago EFTPOS offers simple and customised pricing. Plus, with no hidden fees you can more easily manage your cash flow. Find out more about our EFTPOS pricing structure here.


Loyalty programs for Hospitality

With over 20 years of industry experience and with over 50 hospitality venues using Next Payments' GSL Loyalty Program, you can assure that the best loyalty service and customisable features are available on this program. GSL is an enhanced prepaid eftpos, loyalty and promotions management program all-in-one, giving your patrons the ability to convert their loyalty points into dollars on the card, so they can spend anywhere eftpos is accepted. (There are over 350,000 eftpos merchant locations across Australia). 

The loyalty program is designed to help your venue increase retention, visitation and loyalty due to its personalised fields which allows your venue to track member behaviour within and outside of your venue. Using this information, you will learn more about your members’ preferences, which will give you the tools to deliver tailored promotions and offerings that will bring them back into your venue in no time. 

Plus, you can reward your GSL members and customers even more with GSL eftpos gift cards. A venue can use GSL Gift Cards as prizes, promotions and giveaways, or GSL cardholders can convert their points into dollars to purchase one of these pre-paid eftpos cards to give away to a family member or a friend. 

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Business intelligence software for Hospitality

A hospitality and gaming focused business intelligence tool allows you to run your venue more efficiently by analysing data. That is why Next Payments partnered with DNS to develop a business intelligence tool, EAGLEi360, that would get you soaring above your competitors. Our EAGLEi360 software connects gaming, loyalty, point of sale and membership data within one central system for the ultimate business intelligence tool. 

Want to know what gaming machines are popular, who and when they are using them? Yes. 
Want to know what your patrons are drinking and eating in your venue? Sure. 
Want to create tailored campaigns for your members or individual patrons? No worries. 
Want to create tasks for each department in your venue? Easy done.

The data derived from EAGLEi360 will help venue managers make accurate decisions, eliminating the guess work in what your members are doing and buying in your venue. The data is also displayed on one easy to understand dashboard, keeping all necessary data in one place for easy application.


At Zagames Caufield, we have recently made the switch to using Next Payments’ popular CRT Gold. One of the key motives in shifting CRT providers was the unparalleled customer service and security features that Next Payments deliver

Zagames Caufield

Overall, transitioning to Next Payments' CRTs and TCR has been a wise investment for our venue. We highly recommend Next Payments to other clubs looking to enhance their cash management processes and prioritise security in their operations.

Shell Club

We decided to switch EFTPOS providers to cut down on costs, and moving over to Pago has helped us do exactly this. The setup and integration process of Pago was smooth sailing, and navigating the real-time merchant dashboard has been seamless. We enthusiastically recommend Pago EFTPOS to other fellow cafes seeking a reliable EFTPOS solution.

We switched to Pago EFTPOS as we were existing clients of Next Payments. The installation of Pago at our venue was a very smooth experience.

We switched to Pago from our previous EFTPOS provider as we were seeking better customer service. Since switching we have been extremely satisfied with the service and have already recommended Pago to others.

Since implementing EAGLEi360 and SafeStakes at our venue, our approach to managing patron activity has improved tenfold. Using the SafeStakes app on our phone or desktop simplifies the logging of harmful behaviour that staff may observe around the venue. When logging these activities via SafeStakes, all reports are transferred across to the respective member profile on EAGLEi360, displaying a full record of activity and sending real-time alerts to efficiently identify behavioural trends and shifts. Both EAGLEi360 and SafeStakes are extremely valuable business tools for our venue!

The reports generated by EAGLEi360 synthesise important data that would otherwise take our team hours to collate, in a matter of minutes. While they are rich in information, the visuals and tables generated are easy to interpret and make decision-making a breeze. EAGLEi360 has been a great tool for us to analyse the success of promotions within the venue; who participated, which areas of the club they visited, what products and services they value, and delivers an easy-to-understand ROI.

Doyalson Wyee RSL

The powerful data reporting of EAGLEi360 has enabled our venue to make actionable changes and consistently review our business operations and performance as time goes on. The data generated has kept our venue on track to achieving our business objectives, with even greater efficiencies achieved than first projected.

By utilising the reporting and communications tools built into EAGLEi360, we are able to identify areas of potential growth, as well as analyse current trends. With data being incorporated from Point of Sale, Loyalty, and Gaming Machines, we can swiftly pinpoint customer needs, as well as provide greater Member Engagement. EAGLEi360 gives us the confidence to make informed decisions that will best serve our loyal customers.

Kogarah Clubhouse

Just by tapping into the CRM tool, we know our customers better than ever! We’ve been able to enhance our service strategies and better understand our members – things like their purchase behaviours, special observations and birthdays. It’s made it easy to know what our members actually want!

Capalaba Sports Club

The Campaign Builder tool is a game changer – you can literally create and deliver your own group marketing campaigns and target high-value customers. Then, track ROI and activity instantly. It’s amazing.

Cazalys Palmerston Club

Eaglei360 is absolute GOLD. It allowed us to open our eyes to the opportunities and engagement strategies we needed to enhance our service.

Broncos Leagues Club

I have one of these ATM machines in my business, they are very well built with zero break downs or issues. They are very easy for the customer to use. We have also received the best after sales service - much better than the last ATM provider we had.

Cornucopia Hotel SA

I would recommend EAGLEi360 to all progressive hospitality venues. EAGLEi360 draws in data from all our departments and provides the management team with timely insights to make informed decisions. Such a system has been needed for a long time in the club industry.

Frenchville Sports Club

EAGLEi360 presents meaningful reports daily and in real-time, making it easy for our staff to interpret the data with the clear and easy to understand visuals and tables that it generates. A fantastic team to partner with that is always prepared to go that extra mile to support.

The Lion Richlands

Dee Why RSL has partnered with Next Payments for several years. Next Payments provide products that are competitive and responsive, supporting the club through its extensive growth.

Dee Why RSL

Our Pheonix Loyalty Card Program is very easy to use and Next Payments have been great to work with.

Campsie RSL

The new ATM looks fantastic and it's definitely drawing in people. We love the ATM wall sign that was sent, it really stands out and calls out to the foot traffic.

Pete's Place

We love our new ATM. It really draws people into our business. Thank you, Next Payments.

Harrison Steele Salon - VIC

For clubs looking to improve their membership program and loyalty offerings, partner with a proven provider that can deliver a reliable product. We enthusiastically recommend GSL Plus and Next Payments.

Pittwater RSL

Next Payments’ products are leaders in their field, and their technicians are adept at troubleshooting. We spend less time managing and handling cash, leaving us more time to spend on running our business.

Kogarah Clubhouse

Next Payments’ Cash Recycler has saved hours in manual cash management and reconciliation, improved cash security and reduced human error. The unit has increased our managers’ productivity and allows them more time on the floor increasing revenue.

Lions @ Springwood

Next Payments are a cut above the rest! Great personal service, faultless installation, rapid response from their local help desk and technicians. Nothing but great results for my business.

IGA Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Although major banks were handing back sites across the centre, we realised quickly there was still strong customer demand for cash. Next Payments delivered a reliable continuation of services and income for our centres using a well-designed ATM, which can operate in a substantially reduced space, compared to bank machines previously occupying these locations.

One Five One Property

Next Payments manages multiple ATMs for Defence Bank and we are impressed with their service and adherence to our brand guidelines. Outsourcing ATMs via Next Payments has increased our operational efficiencies and reduced expenses while maintaining our customers' access to banking services. We highly recommend Next Payments to other financial institutions.

Defence Bank

Fast transactions, onscreen advertising and a dedicated account manager have increased ATM transaction volumes by 10%.

Endeavour Petroleum

My customers appreciate the fast transaction speed of the Next Payments ATM, which has resulted in more transactions, which means my business earns more in monthly rebates.

Barry McKay

Baxter Newsagency & Tattslotto

Next Payments provides great personal service, faultless installation, and their team are friendly, and responsive, helping to ensure my ATM is performing at the highest uptime.

Brian Caplan

Mont Albert Newsagency

Rewards Teller allows us to reduce our points liability, adds value to our existing membership program and saves our members money.

Western Suburbs Leagues Club

Next Payments' Cash Xpress adds efficiencies to the cash out process. The unit looks good and runs well. We recommend all gaming venues contact Next Payments.

Club Sunbury

Customers enjoy the easy to use unit, the rebates are competitive and the installation process was smooth. The move to Next Payments has been a positive experience for Yarraville Club.

Yarraville Club

Our monthly transactions have, on average, increased by approximately 12 per cent. We strongly recommend all gaming venues contact Next Payments.

Italian Sports Club of Werribee

Concilio allows us to easily reconcile all cash across our venue from gaming clearances, POS terminals, Keno and TAB. The software automatically collects this data from our Cash Recycler, which streamlines the reconciliation process, making it easier and more efficient than ever. Concilio enables us to easily view our daily cash position from anywhere we can access the internet. All this makes our venue operation more streamlined and efficient.

Geebung RSL

Concilio consolidates an abundance of critical information into one platform which simplifies reporting and cash management across the venue. The software is easy to use and saves countless hours of manual reconciliation. Next Payments offers ample training and excellent product support. We highly recommend any venue consider Concilio to simplify their cash reporting and reconciliation.

Roulettes Tavern

The installation was smooth and Next Payments offered comprehensive staff training. The Cash Recycler has dramatically reduced time staff spend counting cash, and duty managers can focus on customer service with no double handling cash.

Geebung RSL

So far the benefits include wages and cash collection, but I can see saving with insurance and extra interest on the settled cash. It makes our staff's jobs easier and improves security.

Gaythorne RSL (HCS)

For a small peninsula region the exceptional service is invaluable for members and the wider community.

Tilligerry RSL

Since installing a Next ATM, transactions have increased 10 per cent, and our account manager has been proactive in guiding us to take up opportunities, which increased income.

Endeavour Petroleum

Patrons appreciate the fast transactions which have resulted in more transactions processed. This means more money being spent in the venue and more rebates back to the business.

Enzo Fantasia | Director

Aces Bar and Bistro, Adelaide Central Markets

Customer uptake of Next Payments' CRTs has been high - they find the units fast and easy to use.

Christchurch Casino

Next Payments' CRTs have added value and improved efficiency and security on our gaming floor.

Christchurch Casino

Next Payments CRTs have improved accuracy, customer service and security concerns.

Amstel Club

We have developed a strong relationship with Next Payments as they truly understand our needs and support our venue with premium customer service.

Christchurch Casino

We would like to thank the team for their unbelievable assistance in launching the RewardZ Program throughout the Zagame's Group. I know it came with new challenges but you never waivered. Thank you for the patience and energy. I look forward to doing amazing things for our members through the use of your program. I know they will learn to love it and this will increase our visitation numbers which is what it's all about.

Zagame Corporation

Our members love the fact that they are able to have the freedom to choose where they want to shop. To make it better they are able to add their own funds, which makes it great when they are saving for a bigger ticket item. They also love the fact that they can save their expiring points by converting them as cash spend on their GSL Card.

Echuca Moama RSL

The club has had a record year and I have no doubt that GSL has helped play a major role in results. 550 members joined the GSL program in the first weeks alone; we have had many more join since. Not only do they have a cash value for points but also the process of converting their points is made simple.

The Juniors

Next Payments' outstanding customer service was key to our investment decision.

Macquarie Capital


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