Rewards Teller™

Offer Members Free ATM Transactions Through Loyalty Point Redemption

Rewards Teller™ enables you to offer loyalty point redemption for in-venue ATM transactions. Points will stay in the venue and the redemption churn rate will increase. This will help reduce your venue’s unredeemed points liability and encourage patrons to re-invest points back into your venue. The free ATM transaction offer will increase member satisfaction, loyalty, acquisition and retention.

Rewards Teller™ Features

Members Use Points To Pay ATM Transaction Fees

Add value to your existing membership program by allowing members to use their loyalty points to pay for in-venue ATM transactions.

Exclusive to Next Payments ATMs

The software is patented and exclusive to Next Payments Premium ATMs.

Improved Balance Sheet

Improve your balance sheet by reducing membership points and keeping point redemption in your venue.

Instant Benefits

Offer members genuine rewards with tangible, instant benefits.

Simple Integration

Sophisticated software, yet simple integration and use to keep you and your members happy.

Promote Loyalty

Promote loyalty and increase your membership base by adding more value to your membership program.

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Rewards Teller allows us to reduce our points liability, adds value to our existing membership program and saves our members money.

Daniel Grady | CEO‍

Western Suburbs Leagues Club

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