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A Next Payments GSL Loyalty Card Case Study

For clubs looking to improve their membership program and loyalty offerings, partner with a proven provider that can deliver a reliable product. We enthusiastically recommend GSL Plus and Next Payments.

Jason Manning | CEO | Pittwater RSL

Key highlights


Pittwater RSL is recognised for providing the best member experience and is constantly looking to reinvest in their community and members. As such, Pittwater RSL was in the market for a comprehensive loyalty card offering as well as opportunities to reinvest into the Mona Vale community.


Next Payments consulted with Pittwater RSL to understand their needs and recommended that the venue partner with Next Payments’ GSL Plus program. The all-in-one membership, loyalty and prepaid card seamlessly integrates with any gaming provider and converts points to dollars for use anywhere eftpos is accepted. Next Payments’ marketing support allows the club to market directly to members, and the dashboard helps venues manage their membership profiles via data displayed on a clear dashboard. The partner retail program allows members to earn additional points and benefits the local community.


  • Enhanced member engagement and visitation.
  • Increased revenue for the venue and local community through GSL Card and retailer partner purchases.
  • 8.37% increase in membership spend in venue.
  • 5% of prepaid spend occurred back in venue on food and beverage.
  • Average GSL Plus card spend at retailer partners was nearly twice the spend at non-participating retailers – generating value for the club and for retailer partners.
  • Almost tripled transaction volume compared to other loyalty card programs in market.
  • Feedback from members has been positive. Members particularly enjoy that the cards are easy to use, and that there are no card issuance or transaction fees.


Pittwater RSL is a thriving community hub in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, priding themselves on their constant innovation and growth. Always striving to provide the best member experience, Pittwater RSL was in the market for a comprehensive loyalty card offering as well as opportunities to reinvest into the Mona Vale community.

The Right Solution

After working with Pittwater RSL to understand their objectives, Next Payments recommended its all-in-one membership, loyalty and prepaid card, GSL Plus. The GSL Plus program provides a digital solution to Pittwater RSL’s loyalty experience by allowing members to convert loyalty points for use via an eftpos prepaid card – simplifying prize management and logistics by eliminating non-relevant goods – and a flexible in venue promotions management engine allowing for real time load of loyalty points and value to the eftpos prepaid card. Next Payments invests back into the marketing program, boosting members’ rewards. In addition, GSL Plus provides a retailer partner program, enhanced analytics, targeted marketing, and membership lifecycle support from Next Payments.

GSL Plus allows members to earn more points with partner retailers and offers discounts, promotions, and opportunities to earn and spend points outside of venue. Next Payments identifies, recruits and manages the retailer partners, and provides marketing support so members know that they can use their prepaid card and earn points at these retailers. Retailers fund the points allocated in the loyalty program whenever eftpos transactions are completed at partner retailers. This is a win-win for the venue, retailers and members – and puts money back into the local community.


Next Payments’ GSL Plus program realised a significant increase in membership engagement and visitation for Pittwater RSL, increasing turnover with a successful loyalty experience. Using data driven insights and member lifecycle marketing, GSL Plus was able to achieve impressive results for the club and its partner retailers.

GSL Plus was successful in realising an 8.37% increase in spend in venue. The GSL Plus program promotes spending points back in the venue on food and beverage and other entertainment items. Of all the loyalty points converted to dollar value the eftpos prepaid card, 5% of spend occurred back in the venue on food and beverage. Transaction volumes increased almost three times with the launch of GSL Plus in Pittwater RSL.

Portfolio reporting (acquisition, purchase transactions, member loads, promotions, audit) provided clear and transparent data, which allowed the club to optimise promotional planning to maximise effectiveness and return on investment.

Pittwater RSL supported the local community by partnering with retailers through the GSL Plus partner retailer program. The average spend of Pittwater RSL GSL Plus members at partner retailers was approximately twice that spent at non-participating retailers, promoting the reach of member loyalty interactions outside of the venue and providing tangible benefits to the community.  

Feedback from members was positive, with members enjoying the new card and its features immensely. Members appreciate that there are no card issuance or transaction fees and enjoy the instant transfer from points to dollars via the mobile app, kiosk, or web interfaces, which are simple to use.

Why Next Payments

Next Payments is a leader in the payments and technology sector and pride themselves on delivering exceptional user experiences that bring efficiencies and improve security and reconciliation. The company’s product portfolio offers payments hardware and software solutions tailored for the hospitality and gaming market.

Next Payments is AML compliant and ISO 9001 accredited. Next Payments has offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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We’re proud of our local community and GSL Plus allows us to give back in a real way through the partner retailer program.

Jason Manning | CEO of Pittwater RSL