EAGLEi360 is a sophisticated business intelligence tool designed for hospitality and gaming venues. The insights derived from the intuitive software give venue staff real-time information at both a macro and micro level, removing any guess work when it comes to making business decisions. Start harnessing the power of your venue's data today.  


Enjoy A Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard: Have complete vision over your venue’s performance day in and day out, with an interactive summary of trade, Point of Sale activities, EGM performance, and more!

Live Data Feed*

Gaming Floor Management: Manage your gaming floor and uncover insights relating to each game’s usage, popularity, the layout of your room, and more!

Easily Generate Meaningful Reports

Engaging CRM Tool: Understand your members on a deeper level with our Player View and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool so you can remove the guesswork and deliver enhanced member experiences.

Optimise and Manage Marketing Campaigns

Marketing & Communications: Seamlessly construct, manage, and review engaging campaigns and events for your venue. Plus, schedule and send email marketing and SMSs to your patrons, increasing repeat venue visitation.

Powerful and Engaging CRM

Meaningful Reports: Gain access to an extensive range of detailed reports ready at your fingertips to distill your data into clear visuals and tables, making your next Board Meeting a breeze.

Boost Internal Communication

Seamless Shift Reports: Boost internal communications at your venue with our Shift Reporting functionality, so you can better understand daily operations and bridge any communication gaps within your team.

Explore EAGLEi360’s Dynamic Modules

Everything you need to succeed on one powerful Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard combines data from your venue’s Point of Sale, Gaming, Loyalty, Trade, Membership, Harm Minimisation tool and more to give you a complete overview of daily performance. With just one glance, you can view the performance of all your departments and delve deeper into the details where required.

Interactive Gaming Floor Management

Manage your entire gaming floor with ease. Get instant access to performance reports, trend data, heat maps, zoned floor analysis, daily alerts, and more with our EGM Management Module. You’ll gain insights into what your Players’ favourite games are, where your EGMs should be located in your Gaming Area, what EGMs you should invest in and more.

CRM Tool

Take your member engagement strategy to the next level with our custom-built CRM tool! Utilise your member profiles to home details of your members, from their interests, relationships, significant dates to staff interactions and more, to give your team the tools they need to deliver consistently exceptional and tailored member experiences.


Create and send personalised email and SMS communications to your members with our Communications Module. Draw on EAGLEi360’s database to create highly personal messages without hours of manual entry and use our member filter to swiftly select targeted sending groups.

Campaign Builder

Create and deliver targeted marketing campaigns to your members, increasing the likelihood of venue visitation and spend. Plus, our Campaign Manager allows you to automatically generate Return on Investment (ROI) reports on every campaign you run, providing you with the opportunity to benchmark against historical promotional activities and plan effectively for the future.

Marketing Calendar

A central hub for planning and scheduling your venue’s events, easily accessible for your entire team. From a monthly calendar view, all the way down to event particulars and reporting on engagement, our Marketing Calendar acts as a one-stop shop for managing and reviewing your venue’s events.

Shift Report

Our shift report module allows you to connect your front and back of house with a daily digital record. Managers can submit their reports on day’s trade, review promotions, allocate tasks for action, and look up previous trading days. What’s better? A comprehensive trade summary and shift report is sent to your inbox every morning!


Gain access to over 30 interactive reports and automatically generate ROI without having to lift a finger. Get daily reports on how you are performing compared to past trading periods, along with projections for coming periods, delivering insights on your member data, loyalty, EGM, trade performance, and POS.

POS Integration

Keep track of POS performance and understand how it affects and influences different areas of your business.

The Perfect BI Tool for each of your Departments


What tools are useful to me?

Marketing Manager
Campaign Builder
Marketing Calendar
Campaign Reporting
CRM Tool
Gaming Manager
EGM Management
Gaming Machine Trends
Player Insights
Gaming & Player Heatmaps
Financial Manager
Trade Performance Reports
Metric & Budgeting
ROI on Campaigns
Staffing vs Performance
HR system integration
Duty Manager
Rostering & Reporting
Shift Reporting
Staff Comments
CRM Tool
Front of House Staff
Shift Reporting
Staff Comments
CRM Tool

EAGLEi360 Packages & Feature Sets

Essentials Plus
POS Integration
Shift Report
Mobile App
MKT Calendar
HR Integration
Live Data


Additional Module

EAGLEi360 Packages & Feature Sets

The monthly subscription fee for EAGLEi360 will vary depnding on

Chosen package
  • Basic
  • Essentials
  • Essentials Plus
Number of EGMs
  • 0 - 100
  • 101 - 200
  • 200 +
Add Ons

Any additional modules you would like access to

Gaming Connector

Please note, an API connection fee may be charged by your Gaming System provider


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