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EAGLEi360 presents meaningful reports daily and in real-time, making it easy for our staff to interpret the data with the clear and easy to understand visuals and tables that it generates. A fantastic team to partner with that is always prepared to go that extra mile to support.

By utilising the reporting and communications tools built into EAGLEi360, we are able to identify areas of potential growth, as well as analyse current trends. With data being incorporated from Point of Sale, Loyalty, and Gaming Machines, we can swiftly pinpoint customer needs, as well as provide greater Member Engagement. EAGLEi360 gives us the confidence to make informed decisions that will best serve our loyal customers.

I would recommend EAGLEi360 to all progressive hospitality venues. EAGLEi360 draws in data from all our departments and provides the management team with timely insights to make informed decisions. Such a system has been needed for a long time in the club industry.

Since implementing EAGLEi360 and SafeStakes at our venue, our approach to managing patron activity has improved tenfold. Using the SafeStakes app on our phone or desktop simplifies the logging of harmful behaviour that staff may observe around the venue. When logging these activities via SafeStakes, all reports are transferred across to the respective member profile on EAGLEi360, displaying a full record of activity and sending real-time alerts to efficiently identify behavioural trends and shifts. Both EAGLEi360 and SafeStakes are extremely valuable business tools for our venue!

Just by tapping into the CRM tool, we know our customers better than ever! We’ve been able to enhance our service strategies and better understand our members – things like their purchase behaviours, special observations and birthdays. It’s made it easy to know what our members actually want!

The Campaign Builder tool is a game changer – you can literally create and deliver your own group marketing campaigns and target high-value customers. Then, track ROI and activity instantly. It’s amazing.

Eaglei360 is absolute GOLD. It allowed us to open our eyes to the opportunities and engagement strategies we needed to enhance our service.

The powerful data reporting of EAGLEi360 has enabled our venue to make actionable changes and consistently review our business operations and performance as time goes on. The data generated has kept our venue on track to achieving our business objectives, with even greater efficiencies achieved than first projected.

The reports generated by EAGLEi360 synthesise important data that would otherwise take our team hours to collate, in a matter of minutes. While they are rich in information, the visuals and tables generated are easy to interpret and make decision-making a breeze. EAGLEi360 has been a great tool for us to analyse the success of promotions within the venue; who participated, which areas of the club they visited, what products and services they value, and delivers an easy-to-understand ROI.

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