Enjoy industry best uptime, customer support and favourable contract terms with a Next Payments ATM at your business

Since installing a Next ATM, transactions have increased 10 per cent, and our account manager has been proactive in guiding us to take up opportunities, which increased income.

For a small peninsula region the exceptional service is invaluable for members and the wider community.

We love our new ATM. It really draws people into our business. Thank you, Next Payments.

The new ATM looks fantastic and it's definitely drawing in people. We love the ATM wall sign that was sent, it really stands out and calls out to the foot traffic.

I have one of these ATM machines in my business, they are very well built with zero break downs or issues. They are very easy for the customer to use. We have also received the best after sales service - much better than the last ATM provider we had.

Patrons appreciate the fast transactions which have resulted in more transactions processed. This means more money being spent in the venue and more rebates back to the business.

Enzo Fantasia | Director

Enzo Fantasia | Director

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