Celebrating 10 Years of Next Payments

December 28, 2022

2022 has been a year of growth, innovation, change, triumph, celebrating milestones and company-wide success. One of our major milestones of the year is our 10-year anniversary, a decade of operation in Australia and New Zealand. We are a leader in cash distribution, digital and ecommerce, delivering industry-specific products with 24/7 premium service.

Next Payments has evolved and progressed, adapting to industry demands, economic changes, environmental disasters, the Covid-19pandemic, new technologies, cost increases and more. Despite these conditions, we work hard to continually deliver services, assist clients, support the community, give back to those struggling and invest in staff while introducing sustainability practices.

Next Payments’ proud history includes…

Where it all began - 1999

During a trip to the USA, Tim Wildash, our Executive Chairman, noticed an abundance of convenience ATMs. However, like many of us, he thought only banks could provide ATM services. Tim asked a few questions and independent ATMs (non-bank ATMs) were created.

The start of ATM Solutions - 2000

ATM Solutions P/L commenced in the year 2000. 50% of the business was passed onto experienced ATM owners from South Africa who introduced the best ATM software and technology. Triton in the USA became the ATM manufacturer for ATM Solutions.

ATM rebates change the market - 2004

After 4 years of fighting for the right to direct charge customers, ATM Solutions and two other providers started offering $1 plus per transaction rebate to the merchants, which allowed them to make money. This changed the market considerably when you compared it to the usual 20c rebate that was being offered.

The acquisition of ATM Solutions - 2007

Due to ATM Solutions’ partners wanting to return to South Africa, the business was sold to the Bank of Queensland (BOQ) which owned the business for 22 months. Tim remained as CEO and helped BOQ sell the business to MBL, retaining his position. An offer too good to refuse for MBL was accepted from Customers Ltd, again Tim remained CEO for 3.5 yrs.

The start of Next Payments - 2012

Next Payments was founded in 2012. The founders understood the market well and could provide premium service to merchants who wanted non-bank ATMs and locations where banks would not install an ATM.

A proud moment for Next Payments - 2013

Next Payments defended 47 merchants against an ATM deployer who acquired a 5000 ATM fleet in Australia and started legally challenging every merchant who resisted contract renewal. Defending industry players cost Next Payments $2.45 million in legal fees, but as many will remember, we won the case – increasing our credibility and trust among stakeholders in the market.

Next Payments is an innovator in the market -2013-2017

Next Payments is an innovator in the market and invests heavily in the future. We are offering more products (not just ATMs), working with those in the industry to identify their needs and build solutions. Macquarie Group becomes a major investor, acquiring 47% of the company in 2013.

More than just an ATM provider - 2018-2021

Stepping outside the ATM space, Next Payments has market-leading payments and technology solutions and over 100 employees throughout Australasia. Next Payments offers eight different solutions that help a range of businesses optimise their operations and deliver seamless customer experiences. Next Payments continues to expand the product suite and deliver the latest upgrades so that our clients stay in front of their payment and technology needs.

Where are we today - 2022

Next Payments now has 150 employees throughout Australasia, and we forecast this number to grow rapidly throughout the next few years. Peter Walford is appointed as Next Payments’ CEO allowing Tim Wildash to become the Executive Chairman but is still heavily involved with the company’s operations and direction. This year has seen the launch of our new brand and EFTPOS terminal, Pago, which has been an exciting and pivotal point for Next Payments, as we continue our digital payments focus. We are about to release our digital wallet and cashless gaming solution which we expect will revolutionise the industry. After a three-year sustainability journey, on December 14thth, 2022, Next Payments became a carbon neutral company. We will continue to manage our environmental impact and commit to setting a lifetime example in our industry by practicing sustainability throughout all aspects of our business operations.

To those who have come and gone, and to those who have stayed, we thank everyone who has contributed to Next Payments’ success over the last decade. We greatly appreciate and value your hard work, efforts, ideas, teamwork, and support. We are proud of our company - our values, people, customers, and partners, and look forward to another 10 years of Next Payments.

“Congratulations to all involved in the wonderful 10 years of business. On behalf of the board, all shareholders, including MBL, we look forward to continued growth and innovation. All the best to the hard-working team at Next Payments”

Tim Wildash – Executive Chairman

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