How we’re making small changes to make a big impact on sustainability

February 3, 2022

As part of Next Payments’ sustainability drive, we've had a renewed focus on the way we conduct business and operations at all levels of our organisation. Our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2023 is in full motion.

From the ground up we have committed to making every part of the business more sustainable. It’s the little changes that we are implementing that will have real effects in the long run.

Some of our waste reductions initiatives include:

  • Adding a dedicated sustainability officer to our leadership team
  • Partnering with Carbon Neutral- a profit-for-purpose carbon solutions provider focused on reducing carbon emissions
  • Educating and awareness initiatives for our employees and suppliers
  • Installing solar panels on our office headquarters
  • Focusing on correct waste disposal
  • Incentivising carpooling or using public transport when possible
  • Supplying all Next Payments employees with re-usable bottles and mugs
  • Having ideal energy settings on all devices

These are just initial steps towards our target of becoming carbon neutral by 2023 and we are passionate about continuing to provide our leading payments solutions and customer service – now in a sustainable way that reduces the impact on our planet.

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