Introducing GSL Gift Cards

February 8, 2023

Exclusive to Next Payments, GSL Loyalty Cards are an all-inclusive card that deliver benefits for both venues and patrons alike. By combining loyalty, promotions management and prepaid eftpos into one powerful card, GSL provides venues with the ultimate flexibility in how they reward their patrons. 

GSL now has the added feature of GSL Gift Cards which allow patrons more flexibility in how they use their loyalty points. Like standard GSL cards, these gift cards can be used anywhere that eftpos is accepted. With this new feature, GSL cardholders can convert their points to dollars to purchase one of these prepaid eftpos gift cards to give away to a family or friend without even leaving the venue!

Some key benefits of GSL Gift Cards:

  • Patrons are able  to convert points to dollars to purchase a GSL gift card in-venue
  • Venues can reward their patrons with GSL gift cards as in-house prizes or giveaways 
  • The receiver of the gift card can easily self-manage and track their card balance online
  • Venues can track where the gift card has been spent allowing deeper insights into patrons’ buying behaviours 

Enquire now to learn more about how our GSL Loyalty Program with the new addition of our Gift Cards can increase venue visitation and member engagement!

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