Revamp Your Venue's Approach to Engagement in 2024 with EAGLEi360!

December 5, 2023

Experience the ultimate business intelligence tool tailored to your venue, EAGLEi360. Packed with advanced modules, EAGLEi360 delves deep into member behaviours and business operations, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your venue and helping you to resolve any pain points. Among EAGLEi360’s 12 jam packed modules, the Communications module is a standout, empowering venues to effortlessly create and send personalised email and SMS communications to patrons. 

The Communications module is proven to boost patron engagement and repeat visitation with seamless data integration from various areas of a venue including gaming, loyalty, food & beverage, allowing users to craft communications that are tailored specifically to suit the behaviours of their patrons. With a range of recent updates to the module, it’s now easier than ever to:

  • Build captivating marketing campaigns with the intuitive email builder
  • Analyse insightful ROI reports to help steer and shape your future promotions
  • Personalise communications for heightened patron loyalty using member information 
  • Set up recurring messages at the click of a button - say goodbye to boring repetition and spend more time on the tasks that matter!

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