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Earn more for your business with a Next Payments premium ATM with leading uptime and customer support.

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Next Payments Premium ATM Features

Great UCB Member Rebates

Get the best ATM rebates with our competitive UCB member rates and favourable contract terms.

Premium 24/7 Support

Australian based Support Team and trained technicians ensure best uptime.

Over 99.5% Uptime

Next Payments ATMs have a high uptime so you can ensure your customers are getting easy access to cash.

No Cost Repairs

Free upgrades and maintenance for the entire ATM contract term.

Quick and Easy Transactions

Fast ATM transactions and clear screen flow simplifies customer and staff experience.

Secure Market Leading ATMs

Internationally regarded premium ATMs with the latest technology and security.

Why You Need A Next Payments ATM

Having an ATM can drive foot traffic into your store, and it’s likely that when a customer has cash in their hand, they will spend it on high margin impulse purchases in your store.

Plus, Next Payments ATMs come with a range of extra features like onscreen advertising to promote your in-store offers, free signage, 10.2” touchscreen display and that the ATMs accept all the major cards.

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Free Concilio Essentials Reporting

Real time reporting via Concilio Essentials means that you will have access to data including cash levels, transaction history, withdrawal volumes, terminal status and more.

With improved visibility of your ATM data, you can plan timely cash replenishments and easily access sophisticated reporting. The software is free and exclusive to Next Payments premium ATMs.

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