Harm Minimisation Tool for Hospitality Venues

May 13, 2024

The Key to Enhanced Harm Minimisation at Your Venue!

Streamline compliance at your venue with Safestakes, the ultimate harm minimisation tool that simplifies the logging and management of your patrons’ behaviours. Seamlessly report RSA, RSG, AML events and other patron interactions on the Safestakes mobile app by following the straightforward prompts and feel confident knowing that your team is capturing all necessary data in the moment.

But don’t just take our word for it – here's what one of our clients, Geebung RSL, has to say about Safestakes:  

Since implementing Safestakes at our venue, our approach to managing patron activity has improved tenfold. Using the SafeStakes app on our phone or desktop simplifies the logging of harmful behaviour that staff may observe around the venue. When logging these activities via Safestakes, we gain access to full activity reports and receive real-time alerts to efficiently identify behaviour trends and shifts.”

Safestakes empowers you to establish your own custom limits and alerts, providing you with timely notifications and auto escalating any critical events. Plus, with extensive patron activity reports available, Safestakes ensures your monitoring and reporting processes are consolidated while allowing you to easily review your venue’s RSA, RSG, AML activity and responses.  

With the impending requirement for Responsible Gambling Officers (RGOs) and Registries coming into effect from July 1, 2024, under the NSW Government’s latest legislation, it is no doubt that the manual and tedious reporting requirements will become overwhelming for large venues. Safestakes alleviates this burden, allowing your team to focus on more meaningful interactions with members. Satisfying 99% of expected RGO tasks, Safestakes not only eases compliance efforts, but also safeguards your venue from costly breaches, fostering a proactive and holistic harm minimisation strategy.  

Understanding the critical importance of data security, Next Payments prioritises rigorous monitoring, auditing and security procedures to protect all data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) captured through Safestakes. Our commitment to data security, processing integrity, confidentiality and customer privacy underscores every aspect of our operational framework.

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