Corporate Governance

Next Payments Core Values

Next Payments practises good corporate governance and regularly reviews the governance processes to reflect our core values.

Ownership and Directors

Next Payments is a privately owned company, with 47% owned by Macquarie Capital as a passive investment, 43% by founder and Executive Chairman, Tim Wildash, and 10% by private investors in Australia and New Zealand.

The company’s directors are Tim Wildash and Dan Phillips in Australia, and Tim Wildash and Craig Whale in New Zealand.

Executive Team

The company relies on and empowers the executive team to reflect, monitor and report on our core values. To find out more about our executive team, click below.

Decision Making

The community, our customers and other stakeholders can expect Next Payments and our team to practise our core values.

The company expects that decisions taken by the executive are made within a framework that encourages best outcomes and delivers on our core values.

Entrepreneurial Endevour

Product Innovation and Excellence

Leading Customer Service

Accountability and Transparency


Social Inclusion and Diversity

Acting Lawfully, Ethically and Responsibly

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