Environmental Responsibility

Taking action on climate change is a collective responsibility. We are proud that Next Payments is investing in climate action, and taking a leading role in our workplace and in our industry.

Tim Wildash – CEO

Environmental Responsibility Statement

Next Payments to be carbon neutral by 2023

Next Payments is committed to setting an example in our industry in responding to climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and practising sustainability.

That is why Next Payments has adopted a company-wide goal to be carbon neutral by 2023.

Next Payments is partnering with Carbon Neutral – a profit-for-purpose carbon solutions provider focused on reducing carbon emissions and addressing biodiversity loss. Carbon Neutral will support Next Payments to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2023. This will be achieved by quantifying Next Payments’ current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the GHG standard and the climate active Carbon Neutral standard. Once Next Payments identifies sources of GHG emissions, we will act to reduce or offset all carbon emissions identified in the Carbon Neutral report.

We are engaging with our suppliers and customers to reduce our environmental impact across our industry.

We are also taking action in our workplace to improve sustainability. This includes a continuous education program and workplace practices aimed at encouraging recycling, reducing waste and saving electricity.

Other workplace sustainability measures include the introduction of energy efficient lighting, the installation of solar panels, and provision of personalised re-usable drink bottles and KeepCups for all of our employees.

We have also added a dedicated sustainability officer to our leadership team.

Next Payments is passionate about continuing to provide our leading payments solutions and customer service – now in a sustainable way that reduces the impact on our planet.

As our business evolves, sustainability and minimising our environmental impact have become top priorities for Next Payments.

Tim Wildash – CEO
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