Taking action on climate change is a collective responsibility. We are proud that Next Payments is investing in climate action, and taking a leading role in our workplace and in our industry.

Tim Wildash – Executive Chairman

Next Payments is Carbon Neutral

Our Environmental Responsibility Statement

Next Payments is committed to setting an example in our industry in responding to climate change, by reducing our carbon footprint and practising sustainability. This is why we have been working hard to achieve our goal of becoming carbon neutral company-wide by 2023.

Next Payments commenced this mission in 2019, and after three years of hard work, transformed operations and education, we became a carbon neutral payments and technology provider on December 14th 2022. To get to this point, we have partnered with Carbon Neutral - a profit-for-purpose carbon solutions provider that is focused on reducing carbon emissions and addressing biodiversity loss. After Carbon Neutral helped us identify and quantify our greenhouse gas emissions, they provided us with ways in which we could reduce and offset our emissions.

Beyond our goal of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint, we have been engaging with our suppliers and customers to reduce our collective environmental impact across the industry.

Like they say, a change of habits begin in the home - that is why we have been taking action in our workplace to operate more sustainably. We have introduced energy-efficient lighting and installed solar panels on our offices, in addition to supplying all staff with reusable keep cups and drink bottles. Within this, we have appointed a dedicated sustainability officer to our leadership team and have started an education program for staff that encourages practices like recycling, reducing waste and saving electricity.

Next Payments is passionate about providing leading payments and technology solutions to our customers in a sustainable way. While we have made significant progress in our sustainability journey, we are continually looking for ways that we can reduce our impact on the planet.

View Next Payments' carbon neutral certificate here.

As our business evolves, sustainability and minimising our environmental impact have become top priorities for Next Payments.

Tim Wildash – Executive Chairman
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